B. J. Buckley



Nearly monochrome –
the sidewalks, the pavement,
mute walls of empty
houses, sky.
Then a little after lunch time
the sun came out,
instant and sudden,
The world changed.
Not very much –
but two rabbits
emerged from beneath
the neighbor’s back deck
to ring rosy around
the trunk
of the cottonwood,
to stop on a dime
with their elegant ears
alert and their noses
to drop back quietly
into their bodies,
warm soft shadows
in the dun grass.



B. J. Buckley (she/her) has worked in Arts-in-Schools/Communities programs throughout the West for more than four decades. Recent work appears in Oakwood, About Place Journal, and the anthology Dawn Songs: A Birdwatcher’s Field Guide to the Poetics of Migration (Jamie K. Reaser and J. Drew Lanham, Eds.). Her chapbook, In January the Geese, won the Comstock Review’s 35th Anniversary Chapbook Prize.