Daniel Thomas

In the Harbor

Masts tinted by the setting sun
boats rock beside docks
quiet as a herd
settling down for the night.

Lulled asleep by lapping waves
the tide’s soft creep
the boats are horses
tethered to moonlight

dreaming of grassy fields
clear ponds
wind-filled manes
soft earth beneath cloven hooves.

They are dream creatures
lost in dreams of their own
inside the dark harbor—
the whole world floating.

Daniel Thomas’s second poetry book, Leaving the Base Camp at Dawn, was published in 2022. His first collection, Deep Pockets, won a 2018 Catholic Press Award. He has published poems in many journals, including Southern Poetry Review, Nimrod, Poetry Ireland Review, The Bitter Oleander, Atlanta Review, and others. More info at danielthomaspoetry.com.